Rules of the Club


o Fees apply for Coogee SLSC Members and non-members. Child and family rates available.

o All swimmers must fill out an Application Form. 

o Any swimmer can enter into any event during the season without having had any swims before that day. 

o Monthly prizewinner can only win one(1) prize per season. 

o Normal order of events is 2 Lap then Relay then 4 Lap races. Championship events are held proir to the normal events.

o An Individual Medley race is held at the end of the other events. This comprises 1 Lap of each stroke. The Individual Medley is not included in the point score competition.

o Races other than Championships are handicap events.

o Championship races are scratch. Where more than one heat is required heats are seeded and the champion will be the fastest competitor from all heats.

o Points for both the relay and 2 & 4 Lap races are first=4 points, second=3 points, third=2 point and 1 point for starting. 

o To be a 100% swimmer you must attend every Sunday in the season and swim a 2 Lap and/or 4 Lap race unless events are cancelled and also compete at away events (eg. Sydney Invitational Championships and Australian Championships). Prior arrangements can be made for a swimmer to swim with another club to keep his/her 100% swim season intact if they are unable to attend an away event. The only exception is the Coogee SLSC AGM on the first Sunday in August.

o Wetsuits may only be worn when the Captain declares a cold water event or where medical advice, provided by the member, deems this necessary.

The Twenty Laps nominated time swim 

o The point score for 20 Laps races will not be part of the normal point score. 

o Points for 20 Laps races are first=6 points down to fifth=2 point and 1 point for starting. 

o 20 laps nominated time swims are to be completed before 10am or after the completion of the daily event schedule. 

The Two & Four Laps Championship. (will be in addition and prior to the normal swims on the day)

o Swimmers will be enter the grade on their handicap card for the 2 & 4 Laps Championship. A swimmer may choose to enter themselves in a higher grade.

o Grades are determined each season in order to divide our members into an even number per grade

Age Championship, King and Queen Penguin (age on the day of the Age Championships) 

o Age Championship grades are determined each season in order to didive our members into an even number per grade

o The King and Queen Penguin will be decided as the fastest swimmer in any of the divisions of the Age Championships.